How to handle all the user data and create user feeds in order to create a social networking app that is an Android, Instagram clone

Before you even begin to decide to make a social networking app, you first need to figure out what makes your social network unique or what is the use case? Why is someone going to use your social networking app and spend time away from the social networks they already use?

Once you have your unique approach nailed down, you can begin to build. Making a social network is an extremely complex and difficult technical challenge to undertake. Not only do you have to complete the design work and front end development, but also have extensive back-end and database expertise. In addition, you need to be able to write complex newsfeed algorithms to ensure you are serving to most engaging content to keep them in the app. Once your framework is built, you also need to learn native programming languages for any mobile devices you app will be using. If you're completely new to these fields, it could take years to familiarize and master this broad array of skills to successfully build and execute a social networking site.

We'd recommend finding a partnership with someone who has successfully done so before and can help get you there. This enables you to take minimal risk financially and avoid an enormous investment in time and energy trying to build your own social network from scratch. Also, it can greatly shorten your time to market and instead focus your efforts on building your community and if needed, going out and fundraising if your looking at getting some capital investment. You can use a white label social networking product to get to market quickly.

There are a few key factors to keep in mind if you decide to do a white label approach.

  • Performance: Modern social networking products have high performance apps and web experiences with near instant rendering and a ‘snappy' feel. If you social network has anything less, no one is going to keep using it. Your white label solution must have high performance native apps.
  • Customization: The vast majority of white label solutions are essentially cookie cutter solutions that are cheap social community products. It is highly unlikely that your social network is going to perfectly match these pre-built solutions. If it did, how would this create a unique or compelling experience for your users. Whomever you partner with make sure they provide have strong customization and custom feature development
  • Monetization: You don't build your own social network to lose money every month. To start you might be in the red as you begin building your community, but over time you must have a roadmap to profitability. You white label social must have a robust monetization features and strategies.
  • Data Ownership: No matter what happens, you spent the time, money, and energy building your community and nothing is more valuable than the data you have collected. Make sure whoever you partner with allows you to have ultimate ownership over your data.

If you decide a white label approach is for you, check out ExistSocial. ExistSocial meets all the critical qualifications outlined above and has a white label social network that can be customized to any need and application. ExistSocial partners with premium clients who are looking to create one of a kind experiences through a social environment. They focused on a mobile-first experience, creating powerful native apps for iOS and Android to provide uncompromising performance and user experience on mobile devices, as well as web. If you want a premium product then check them out and create your own social network.

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