How to help myself to be more productive

Playing games ,checking on social feed becomes very addictive with time. You can do some things to avoid wasting time.

1. Step by step try to avoid distractions, you can start by uninstalling the game which you play the most.

2. Make a habit of checking social media , twice or thrice a day, at specific gaps of time.

3. Try to learn new things over internet , lots of answers available for that on quora itself.

4. If you are doing something productive , keep yourself away from all social networking sites, be it for half an hour but no distractions. It will help you to be completely focussed and you will never forget that thing.
How much exercise is still safe if you want to lose weight and gain muscle?

You have to build up your body - and once your body is stronger, you're only limited by your genetics.Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for his 2 hour twice daily workouts. He didn't start at that level. He built himself up to that point.The

How can one stop feeling humiliated and ashamed all the time?

It sounds just like my situation except with me it was Mom who was abusive and Pop who was mentally absent when she was attempting (very successfully) to humiliate me and my brother.There are three kinds of things that made a big difference in my life. In order

Can somebody over 30 years old radically improve their mobility/flexibility?

Absolutely! Our bodies are incredibly adaptable throughout our entire lives.BUT that also means if you haven't really exercised or worked on mobility for 30 years, your body has adapted to that and so it might take longer to get mobile than if you were younger, simply due to the accummulated