How to improve the quality of my life choices

Get specific.

Take your question, for instance. No offense, but it's just NOT specific enough.

What do you mean by "life choices"? Or "quality"? Or "improve"?

I've been teaching a seminar called Ideal Career since 2005 and participants are asked to DEFINE what they mean and want in an "ideal career." In short, they must get specific. And write it down on paper.

Most people use terms very loosely and ASSUME they and other people understand what they mean.

I've never encountered two people who defined the word "career" in the same way, yet we talk about it like as if everybody had the SAME definition.

So mastering language and getting specific in your definitions, is the very first step to THINKING correctly.

Specifically, the more detailed and explicit and focused your questions are, the more useful and powerful the answers will be.

You could ask about how to make good decisions in business, in your career, in your love life, in your healthy life, in your spiritual life, etc.

The decision-making processes for each of these areas will differ significantly because they deal with different aspects of reality (read Ken Wilber's work, especially the Integral Framework, to know more about the four main quadrants of life).

For example, some decisions will require that you focus on VALUES (date people who share your values), other decisions will require that you focus on NUMBERS or PERFORMANCE (choose future employees or joint venture partners who have performed well in the past).

I hope this helps.

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