How to increase protein intake day-by-day

According to your weight you require 1 gram protein per kg body weight..

If you weigh 65 kgs so you require 65grams of protein.

Now see your diet and count this in this manner:

  1. Cereals:every 30grms gives 3g of protein
  2. Pulses: Every 30grm 6g of protein
  3. Milk: 150ml gives 5 grams of protein
  4. Fresh fish : 100 grams gives 20grm
  5. Curd: 160 gm 5 grams of protein
  6. Nuts :30 grms 6 grm of protein
  7. Chicken: 50 grams =15 grams
  8. Egg: 50 grams= 6.6grams
  9. Mutton : 50 grams= 9 grams
  10. Paneer: 50 grams=7 grams
  11. Note : Vegetables , fruits ,oils don't provide protein

I just want to say that I've mentioned all the sources of protein and content so you start consuming after calculating accordingly.

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