How to keep goggles from fogging up

There's a few ways. Most quality new goggles come with a coating on the inside that prevents fogging, but that wears down. You can buy spray online to reapply that coating. Search it on amazon - there's tons of brands available, and most work about equally as well.

Spit will work, but that could give you pink eye.

Baby shampoo or hair conditioner will do the trick, as it will leave a thing film on the goggles that will act like a defogger.

I've heard lots of other tricks, but none of them are easier or more effective than the above, so those will be your best bets. Good luck!

Toothpaste. Put a dap on the inside of both lenses and smear it all the way. Then after a few seconds rinse off the toothpaste. Just be careful not to scratch the lenses. I do it all of the time.

How do Tesla Superchargers work?

An interesting point to add to Craig's answer is that the Superchargers are build from the same charging modules that are in the cars. A Model S has one or two onboard chargers, while a Supercharger is a stack of 10 of the same charger module-a cool re-use of technology.

Should I call or text my boyfriend?

If he is your boyfriend, yeah! Why would you not? You guys are dating right? Don't try to be clingy, annoying, or desperate. If he doesn't respond, ignore it and act as though you are fine. it shows confidence (even though you may not have any) and

Is Tesla the "hype beast" of cars?

For a good percentage of the buyers yes. More than 70% of buyers are middle age with incomes over $100k. Many already have exotic cars or other luxury cars. The price of fuel and reducing the carbon foot print are other drivers. To achieve long term demand the price needs to come diwn. Tesla's