How to know the exact location of any mobile number

Well you cannot find out anybody's location just by his phone number. The service provider does have an approximate location of the user because they know which cell tower is the user connected to.

That said, this information is private and there's no reason the company will share the same with you, unless you work in a law enforcement agency.

There are a few mobile apps which can be installed to a mobile phone and they share the real-time or lagging location. But for this you will need to have the cell owner's permission and agreement before starting to track him/her. I hope you will respect his/her privacy unless it is really something very concerning.

There is no "easy" way to do this. Well, that isn't exactly true. You get the owner of the phone to accept you into their "Find My Friends" app and then you know where they are.

You can work with the carrier. They can determine this using tower triangulation. But you better have legal justification for this, like a subpoena.

You can work with a private investigator, who will work with the carrier. Again, you need legal justification.

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Yes, Only if it belongs to you.. iPhone has this feature known as Find my Device and Android Users can use the Device Manager Location Services.

But, it is not available for any other users. The general public is unable to locate any phone number. If there are any website claiming they are just using the specific numbers. Like in India, +91982 means somewhere in Western Part and +919811 means Delhi area or nearby areas. But now since they are satuarated with 9 numbers, they started giving +9180, which basically confuses the website and shows the number as bangalore where it could be in mumbai.

An active mobile phone can be tracked thru the cell site at any given point of time. Its not exact but fairly close, say within 200–300 mtrs range. This information can only be given by the Mobile operator of that mobile no. In India this information is restricted and one has to go thru proper channel which will involve police or security agencies.

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Legally, you are not allowed to track any phone number without a court order.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to do so but they would be considered illegal for most part now.

But there are android apps and iphone apps to which you can add friends ans family. Because this is a case of mutual consent, you should be able to track their location.

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