How to learn Solidworks in an online platform without downloading the software

Yes, you can learn solidworks on online platform. There are many online platform like coursera, edx, which provide online course of solidworks and also provide online software of the same. As per my experience, I join the online course of solidworks on coursera , they provide the licence key of online solidworks software for 3 months which you can use for practice. So you haven't to download solidworks software on your laptop and do not bother if your laptop supporting the software or not.

Can we live happily without getting married in India?

The answer is subjective because it depends on many factors1. The place you live -metro you won't have a problem,south India except Banglore a bit difficult . I dont know about the northern part2 The type of family that you two have.If your

What tips and legit tricks do bitcoin miners use to increase their profit?

HiBitcoin mining is more expensive now. As it cost more to mine now unlike before. You make little or no profit mining Bitcoins. Bitcoin miners thereby make increased profits by investing their coin.I am a Cryptocurrency Investor, a part of an organisation of