How to let go of someone I really liked

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This is a very difficult question to answer. Because of the emotions and invested time involved. Being that I've once experienced a similar situation. It merely took a toll upon me in letting go of an individual, I loved so dearly. Now also, realize there's not a lot to expound upon based on presented question. But I will attempt from personal experience what I've done. Hope it will help. There was this guy who I grew fond of and then, realizing I actually loved him. Though, he did not feel as depth in feelings as I but continue a friendship. Okay, I can do this. I said. At least I thought, but over time my feelings were stronger. Not that I wanted them to be. Reality, it was and he remain cordially. I eventually face the truth and told him how I felt about him. Hoping he would understand. Our conversation did not go as I intended. I'm left with feelings of loving him even more. After receiving his honest answer at that moment. Reality set in so I started my path in letting go, loathing in rejection, crying, and distancing my self from him was best. It was a slow healing process, though eventually I got through it! If you really want to let go of a person who you still very much love. Be prepare for a painful detachment. Time of healing is a personal one. I truly believe having a strong support system in place will encourage a healthy separation to move forward. Wish all the best!

Where is Celine Dion living nowadays and what is her age? Is she married?

Celine Dion lives with her 3 sons, Rene-Charles (RC), age 17, and twins Eddy and Nelson, age 7 in a penthouse in Las Vegas, and resides between there and Jupiter Island, Florida where Team Dion resides. Her husband Rene Angelil passed away on Jan. 14, 2016, 2 days short of his birthday. Celine is currently

Can a narcissist suffer from depression anxiety?

I would say yes, the narcissist's life is full of depression and anxiety, even if not admitted. So much time and energy is spent putting on a show for the world, seeking adoration and praise, and maintaining superiority. Who wouldn't be depressed and anxious with that?What happens to the narcissist's