How to lose 3 cm of inner thigh and gluteal muscle

The answer below is correct. You can only reduce your overall muscle mass.
Let me tell you that loosing muscle is never good. Your metabolism will slow down significantly and you run the risk of gaining a lot more fat when you return to a normal and healthy diet.
However I'm guessing aesthetically you want to change the way your body looks.

In order to loose overall muscle mass you must
  • Have a very low carb and low protein diet
  • Do long bouts of fasted cardio ( 3-4 hours of exersice per day if you can handle it)

Now in order to be consistent, you can not reduce your daily calorie intake by too much or you will binge eat and or collapse from exhaustion. About 100-150 cal reduction should be okay.

For cardio, try to do it in the morning. Why? Your body is in a catabolic state. This means whatever exersices you perform will be fueled by  muscle tissue and not fat. For example when you first wake up go for a 40 minute jog, without eating anything beforehand. This will ensure you stay in that state and shed off muscle.

Please do bear in mind this is in no way healthy, and you should not be doing it for long periods of time, and you should take breaks in between to give your body the rest and nutrition it needs.

Best of luck to you!
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