How to lose 40 lbs

So as I can see, you are dissatisfied with your body weight. Even if people believe that it is difficult to lose weight, it is quite easy. The only thing that it is rough is having the discipline to do what you need to do. I would like to take a extra step personally and give you the important information you need for your Fat Loss.

Introduction: Five Pillars for Fat Loss

Although the following information may seem more than enough, it is very difficult to be able to predict how somebody's body functions based on such a generic question. However, I believe that those can serve you as a base for you to start learning and maybe you decide to change your life by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Notice: Some of the principles stated in these Pillars are related to each other, so you will probably need to refer to previous Pillars to customize your plan.

  1. Calories

As you might be aware of, the most important of all the things that lead to fat loss is a Caloric Deficit. This means that whatever your plan is, you wont achieve it unless you consume less calories than you burn. This can be achieved either from your diet or adding cardio.

2. Rate of Weight Loss

Although it is difficult for me to recommend a customized weight loss rate for you, I will give you a basic recommendation. You should aim to lose about 1℅ of current body weight/week.This is probably the ideal so as to preserve or even build muscle.

  • To track your bodyweight, you should weight yourself first thing in the morning (after peeing and without eating/drinking anything) every day and sum it all up for a weekly average.
  • Due to your lifting experience (probably a beginner), you might gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. So I would advise you to measure your body fat with this calculator: The WeighTrainer
  • When your fat loss stalls, you will need to either reduce your calories by 250 or/and add some more cardio.
  • Depending on your calculated fat loss rate per week, you will need a specific caloric deficit. A rule of thumb for fat loss is that 1 pound of fat= 3500 calories.

3. Training

  • Workout: For training, you will probably not need something extreme. However, I would recommend this program from this forum post: Workout Programs. Read #1 and #2 Post for the workout and any questions you might have.
  • Cardio: You should aim at doing cardio for half the time of your weekly total workout hours. So if you workout 3 hours a week, you should aim for 90 minutes of Cardio. As for the cardio type, I would advise you to perform 1–2 20 min HIIT Cardio sessions per weekand the rest should be LISS. If you find HIIT painful or in some way abnormally uncomfortable, then think of replacing it with LISS.
  • So if you choose not to follow my recommended program (which I think is perfect for a beginner), you can follow any program you like. However you have to follow this: Aim for 40–70 reps/muscle group/session and 2-3x/muscle group/week and 66–75℅ of 1RM in the 6–12RM range. (You can Google those)

4. Macronutrients, Food Choice and Water Intake

  • Macronutrient Recommendations
  1. Protein: 1–1.3 grams per pound of bodyweightFat: 15–25℅ of total caloriesCarbohydrates: The rest of the calories
  • Food Choices

Food choices don't really influence fat loss but for optimal health, I would recommend you to consume 1 serving of fruit and vegetable per 1000 calories.Select foods that deliver the most nutrients for the least energy.

  • Water Intake

I would recommend you to consume 2/3 of your bodyweight in fluid ounces. Otherwise, you will need to aim for 5 full urinations.

5. Nutrition Timing and Frequency

  • Diet Breaks or Refeed Periods

I recommend this for people who are dieting for 3 months or longer and who have the time to implement this strategy without missing some sort of hard deadline. I recommend a 300-600 calorie increase to any days that are caloric-deficit days (depending on what maintenance was, body size, and how aggressive the diet is at the moment), concurrently with a drop of any cardio to about 50% of normal.

  • Pre-Post Workout Nutrition

Although nutrition timing doesn't influence much as for fat loss, it can affect workout performance. So I would advise:

Pre Workout: 10–20℅ of carbs 1–2 hours prior to training as well as protein consumption of 0.23g/lb bodyweight

Post Workout: 0.23g/lb bodyweight 1–2 hours after workout

After all this 1 hour writing post from phone, I am happy to announce you to my job is done here. You are now free to go make your body a masterpiece. If you have more questions regarding anything related to your fat loss goals and If you like the information I give you, then feel free to ask a question and request me as your potential responder. I wish you good luck with your journey!

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