How to lose fat from from quads

OK, you are smart enough to realize that you need some additional help and that is a great start! In order to reduce you are going to have to do the one thing that doesn't seem logical -- eat. No, that doesn't mean binging on your favorite snacks, but relearning how to eat properly. That is where weight loss begins.

Start by assessing your dietary patterns. Cut out all of the fast food trips and frozen dinners and replace them with real foods - fruits and vegetables as much as possible. That will get the proper nutrition going inside of you, leading to the start of fat loss and in your case, reducing those thighs.

You will also need some kind of moderate activity that you like to do. This can be done a minimum of 3x per week for a 30 minute span each time. Try riding a bike, walking with friends, resistance training or even swimming. The goal is to get moving and enjoy it while trimming yourself down to size.  Good luck!

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Is it good to walk every day?

Walk is slow mo action of running. Yes, it is good to walk everyday at least 2–3 KM. Walking is only movement which is used mostly in day to day life. A person usually walk in home, office,mall any many other places.

How to enjoy my work more and have more fun for my 9 to 5 office engineering job

Tommy, Do your job and then I either go home and take a nap (power nap) and then do something that you really enjoy at least 3 nites a week. I built my own homes. Garages, and cars. These kept me out of trouble or drinking. Gave me a look-forward break, Let me blow off some steam.