How to lose more fat from my abdomen

Congrats on your success in losing 8kg!  Quite an achievement!

Of course you know that your belly will become flabby after losing weight, and you need to exercise your abs to have a tight good looking belly.

A high protein high dairy diet has been shown to help women (!) to maintain lean body (muscle) mass while relatively losing more visceral fat  Increased consumption of dairy foods and protein duri... [J Nutr. 2011]
The High Protein High Dairy group also lost more Visceral Abdominal Fat as assessed by MRI (P < 0.05) and trunk fat as assessed by DXA (P < 0.005) than the Adequate Protein Low Dairy group.

As for the study having been done in women, men do even better according to the Influence of sex on total and regional fat... [Int J Obes (Lond). 2009]
For a given weight loss, men had a significantly greater decrease in Waist Circumference  than women, and the sex difference in Waist Circumference reduction increased with  increasing weight loss (P<0.05). Similarly, for a given reduction in  Body Weight or Waist Circumference, men have significantly greater reductions in Visceral Adipose Tissue.

Aerobic exercise helps losing abdominal fat:  Physical training and changes in region... [Acta Med Scand Suppl. 1988]
When aerobic exercise-training is used to induce weight loss, men generally lose more fat than women. In men, the loss of adipose tissue appears to be central,  potentially reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, whereas a  relative resistance to fat loss is observed in women compared to men

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