How to lose weight upto 15-20 kg in 6 month

here i am going to suggest few  tips and balance workout plan that will help you in reduicing weight and achieving a healthy body.

1: How to Reduce Weight Naturally.....??

2: Veg/natural  protien soruces

3: balance workout plan..

so let discuss each point in details..

1:How to gain weight How to gain weight naturally?????????????

Through Exercising:

Lets first start with what exercises we need to follow for reducing weight.

Before start of exercises ,you need to follow below two points

  • How much you are over Weight(check BMI as per your height)
  • What exercises you need to do as per your body capability.

a) How much you are over Weight(check BMI as per your height)?

read full details on blogpost

2: Veg/natural Protein Sources  High Protein Vegetarian Food Sources....

So here i am going to list out few high rich protein sources for vegetarian .

You can refer our previous article in case you need a Balance Diet Plan

  • Milk: If you can digest milk , consume around 1 to 2 litre in 2 to 3 shifts a day, either in morning or evening. Mix with some protein supplements like Protinex or Nestle Resource High Protein. Both are great sources, and palatable. ( 25 gm protein ).
  • Eat pulses, rajma, chickpeas with chapati, these are easily available in market at cheaper rates.
  • You can have milk with black Chickpeas soaked in water. Chickpeas are high in protein contains 20gm protein in 100gm of chickpeas.
  • Drink Soya milk once a day , natural flavor ( 200ml pack has 7 gm protein , low calorie ).
  • Use multi grain flour chapati's ( Soya, barley,maize).
  • You can have raw paneer or paneer curries  as paneer is high in proteincontains 20gm protein in 100gm .
  • Chapati has protein,salads have protein,oatmeal has protein, muesli has protein. Generate combinations as per your taste.
  • Include a whey protein shake ( 2 scoops a day, one scoop contain 25 gm of protein ). But start whey protein shake after 2 -3 months of workout.
  • Peanut butter : High protein content and a great source of good fats.

3: Balance Workout Plan: Beginners Men's Workout At Gym

So Finally you came out from your comfort zone and decided to sweat , ya Sound's too good.But are you ready with your Beginner workout plan .!!!!!!!

Before we go into more details, if you are looking Gym Beginners guide, please read our blog article.

As there are many people with desire to have a fit and strong body but without know-how and lift-up methods, working on every exercises ,every day and hoping something will happen.

Dear friends nothing will happen if you try do each and every exercise , only thing will happen you will quit the gym ..

Fortunately, you are with FitnessMantrahub and won't be making those same mistakes.

Here's the info you need to understand before you get started.

1) Perform workout for 4 days in a week for one month and resting one day at least in between workout session.

Workout Schedule:

Monday: Workout A

Tuesday: Off-rest day

Wednesday: Workout B

Thursday: Off-rest day

Friday : Workout A

Saturday : Off-rest day

Sunday : Cardio Exercises

Follow the above schedule for one week then change the Workout order apart from Cardio exercises, Next week you can begin with Workout B.

Now you will be amaze what is Workout A and Workout B. Lets start what are these workout.

The most important thing you need to follow before starting your every day workout,you need to do a proper warm up exercise or stretching exercise.By performing 5-10 minutes of any warm-up exercise that works the large muscles of the body, increasing blood flow and warming the muscles themselves.

Workout Plan A:

1: Seated Dumbbell Press

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set

2: Bench Press

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

3: Standing Dumbbell Press-Biceps

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

4: Calf Raises

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

Workout Plan B:

1: Pull-Ups

3 sets with 2-5 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

2: Squats

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

3: Triceps-Pulling Down

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

4: Rows

3 sets with 5 -8 reps

Take one minute rest between each set.

Above mentioned two workout plans are balanced workout plans , that will cover most part of your body.

Workout plan A covers.

  • First exercise will cover your shoulder part and is one of the best shoulder exercises for developing all heads of the shoulders.
  • Second Exercise will cover your chest part and this exercise is the standard measure for strength and will help you in developing more body strength.
  • Third Exercise will help your Arms in getting strength
  • Fourth Exercise exercise will benefit your calf muscles in the back of your lower leg, as well as your Achilles tendons. This additional strength helps prevent leg and ankle injuries.

Workout plan B covers.

  • First exercise Pull ups is one of the hardest exercises you can do, but also provides you with the greatest benefits to your back and upper body
  • Second Exercise is one of the best exercises for you, whether you're trying to build muscle or lose weight (or both) HAS to be the squat.
  • Third Exercise will help your Arms in getting strength .
  • Fourth Exercise is one of the best exercise as this activates muscles throughout the whole body and burns a ton of calories in the process.

Soon we will be mentioning more details of each exercise in our next post. Request you to please be patience till that time...... :):)

It is recommended that for the first few week or you can say for a month, beginners must follow strict routine, and try to learn the basic movements for each exercise as all are new to you.

Some times your co-ordination may get wrong , but don't worry take rest and Keep practicing and rehearsing the movement pattern until you learn how to do it perfectly,don't focus on number of sets, focus on the correct coordination and proper way of doing. As a beginner, you should be able to progress like this consistently for quite a while, partly because you are starting a little lighter to master proper form, and partly because beginners are just more capable of progressing at a more consistent rate than anyone else.

It's a request from all beginners don't over do any exercise, or don't try to add something more advanced in the workout plan as your body is not use to of such kind of activities, and you may get cramps in your body that may lead to serious consequences.for better results do it as it is mentioned in workout plan.

After one month you can increase numbers of repetition and weight as your body had stamina to start advance level or workout plan.

So that's it guys follow the plans mentioned above and start developing your body strength to make your body to accept the beginning of advance level workout plan.

We will be posting advance level of workout plan in our next blog.

If you are looking for

Beginners diet plan , or in case looking for Reducing weight naturally , please refer our blog articles.

In case of any queries or any support needed in understanding workout plan or any improvement ideas, suggestions, please put your queries in comments section we will get back to you for sure .

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