How to make my kid give up her mobile phone which disrupt her studies

I completely understand your cause for concern if this is affecting your child's studies. Though expecting perfect grades can give your child unnecessary pressure and stress, it's definitely necessary to discuss your expectations and listen to your child's ideas as well.

Nowadays, online communication and socializing is a huge extension of real-life interactions. Remember that though academics and home responsibilities are important, so is your child's social life. Show them that you understand their point of view. Simply acknowledging their feelings will better open up the floor for honest and effective discussion. Then, instead of making your child give up their mobile phone completely, write up a cell phone contract with your child, which will specifically outline phone usage (when/where/etc.) and consequences.

I completed my high school studies last year. I would be so annoyed whenever my parents tried to take my phone from me that i would spend said "study time" being angry, which wasn't effective at all.

To be honest, the cellphone is the most important thing we have. We can quickly text a friend to ask for help, or Google something way faster than having to to go on computers and the like. My point is, cellphones can be useful.

She will study. But when she wants to. Allow her to make those decisions for herself. I had that freedom and believe me I learnt to put my phone down by myself without being forced. That sense of responsibility and maturity even helped me study better!

Do not force her to give you her phone. Let her learn to put it down herself.

First, don't try to make her "give it up."
Socially, she would soon be isolated.
The phone is a vital tool with endless uses, but she needs to prioritize her time.
For instance, it is not a good idea to be on the phone txting constantly, and the phone needs to be off while she is concentrating or in class (regardless of what others do, it is disruptive, rude and disrespectful to her teachers and fellow students.
Find an app that lets you lock down things like email, txt and phone during specified time slots.
You can also get one that will stop displaying things while moving or other event-driven apps.

Ahah, disrupt her studies. I bet at her age yours were pretty much "disrupted" as well. And you didn't have a phone. If she doesn't want to study, and that's on her, phone or not will not make a difference. She'd probably rather spend time counting holes in the walls or thinking of ways to get back on you than studying. That's a fact of life. You cannot run a teenager's life as you please because they're already functionning human beings. Give her a break. Studies don't mean shit anymore anyway. She'll be fine.

Tell your kid to give it to you or you'll shut off the service. If he or she refuses, log into your carrier account and block phone calls, texts, and messages. Then go to your wifi router and change the password so your kid can't use the phone that way.

You pay the bills. Your kid is a minor. You have the power.

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