How to make my life look less boring and more interesting

Well, since you said LOOK...

Here's an old blog post of mine: How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Really Sophisticated

1) Travel to one country and talk about that country only

It is Life, and We always don't get, what we want!  But that does not mean, We will stop living. We need to love what we do!
Why this half-emptied glass attitude? Look it as Half full. Precisely, Be optimistic!
Life is difficult! You can say, it is like a Novel. And some chapters can really be very boring! But with every chapter there is a development in the plot, same with the life too.
See , I can give you 100s of ways to revitalize your boring life, even you can google it too...!! Just type "Ways to deal with a boring aimless life" and you will get so many ways, that you will get bored, while reading them!
My advice is Self-Help, Bring a change in your attitude. Try to look at the brighter side of your life!
You have a job, You earn. You just said it is a decent job. Many people, even after working their ass off, earns very little. Many people find it extremely difficult to sustain themselves in metro cities!
So You don't have this problem. Trust me , this is some real kind of a shit, which you don't need to face!
The problem which you have is just an attitude problem! You know we become what we believe.  Earlier you used to wake up early, So now start waking up late, cook your own food, Go to office. Have fun with your colleagues! Get back home, eat and sleep, if you are too tired. If not, watch movies, read books, surf net.
On weekends, make plans with friend, colleagues! Meet people. Party. If not a party animal, Go to Juhu beach, have kulfi.. Seat there, watch how people are enjoying! May be you will feel like enjoying too..
Check out some good restrurants. Eat.
If you are seeing someone, spend time with that person. But just because you are low, at this point in life, don't be in a relationship.Then again it will be a wrong choice!
I do believe you have some good memories too, cherish them. Call up old friends!
Work Hard, Party even harder :D
You don't need a motive, My life is aimless too, I do what I love to do but mostly I love what I do!
You are just 27 dude! Wake up! You can still be ambitious! May be a new aim.
You know, as you said You are bored, so you have a lot of time to think. Do You THINK???? Try this, think about anything under the sky. Think about your friends, bad-relationships,  nosy neighbours , colleagues, difficult boss! Think about good memories, bad memories.
While travelling, try listening to other people's conversations. ;)Many a time You will see they have much serious problems in life that they can not put on quora!
Enjoy this aimless period in your life, you never know what awaits for you tomorrow.May be you will get an aim tomorrow in the morning itself, and will look forward to it!
And lastly, please stop watching movies like Kick x-(
Start with wearing a t-shirt with a picture of two thumbs on it pointing at you with writingthat says "Who has 2 thumbs and is interesting - this guy right here". - Never fails.

What is life other than a resume.  I read thousands of these things and if I believed everyone of them, every employee that ever worked anywhere saved the company, broke all their records and you would think that the company could not survive without them...yet they still do.

You can make anything interesting.  Have you ever watched a documentary?  They can take any topic and make it seem like the most interesting thing that keeps you glued to your seat for an hour.  "The gerbil, typically known as a household pet, but in the wild it becomes more than just a rodent that spins on a wheel, it is a burrowing genius.  Ah, yes...this critter has the ability to dig holes in sand at alarming rates, but unfortunately for our new friend, so does the evil snake that just happens to come by that only seems to eat gerbils.  The hunt is on, the snake enters the hole, our furry friend must react fast or experience a rather certain demise...see not boring, especially if narrated by an English accent or Morgan Freeman.

Create interesting stories about certain moments in your life and learn to tell them well.  This will make you seem more interesting and well...less boring.  It can be anything, events happen every day.  It's up to you to make the boring exciting.  I was at a meeting the other day in Japan.  I learned rather quickly that none of them could speak English.  They set up a translation machine for me to speak into which then translated into Japanese on the CEOs screen.  The more I talked, I started to see commotion going on at the other side of the table.  There was panic on everyone's face.  What I was saying was actually quite boring...but what the machine was translating was not.  My eye caught the screen and I learned quickly that this program had some fact it had a severe case of Turrets.  Almost everything I stated was being translated into VERY inappropriate language.  I would say, hello, my name is Mike and the translation would be "suck my <beep>, please."  At least it was polite (see the picture to prove it - no word of a lie)

Go on and give it a try.  You will be amazed how fast people start wanting to talk to you and learning more about you. 

Now go away, you're boring me....

Imagine the life you want...

In my future, I see myself physically in shape, in a relationship with an intelligent, attractive, kind, open minded, active woman. I have many creative projects going on. A decent amount of close friends. I'm reading a lot, writing a lot, and I have time to just relax. I travel occasionally. Speak French and/or Russian. I'm not filthy rich but not living paycheck to paycheck.

That's a small paragraph but a whole lot of stuff that takes up most of every day.

What does your life look like? Move towards it 1% a day. The best way is follow the Daily Practice (which I discovered through the writing of James Altucher).

1) Be physically healthy. Basically that's sleep, diet, and exercise. Get 5 more minutes of sleep, eat a vegetable, do 5 pushups today. That's 1%.

2) Emotionally healthy. If your goal is to be surrounded by people you admire, love, and who love and support you, then make an effort. Avoid one negative person. Tell one positive person you are grateful for them. Also speak less, lie less, be honest more. Secret life hacking for being friends with great people.

3) Mentally healthy. Write 10 ideas a day about anything. They don't have to be good. In 6-12 months they will start to be good ideas. But for now you are getting in shape. Also read a page of nonfiction. That's 1%.

4) Spiritually healthy. This just means being grateful and not trying to control the future. You can only do your best today.

Practice this every day for 6 months and your life will completely transform.

A year ago I was in a negative relationship, had few friends, addicted, felt low-energy, worked a shitty job, and was doing only okay in school.

Now I am with an incredible professional woman, best shape of my life, running a website, much better job, much better in school and in my career, much better friends.

As a corollary, explore hobbies. My favorite is salsa dancing. Another is a competitive video game that I sometimes get to travel for. Doing things you love and are interesting TO YOU makes them interesting to others.

The definition of boring is dull or not interesting. The following is a list of 20 things that can definitely make any day more interesting. Some of them are silly, while some are more meaningful, so hopefully just reading the list makes your life less boring and sparks your creativity.

Have your own idea? Go ahead and drop it in the comments below the post.

20 Things That Will Make Your Life Less Boring

1. Channel your seven-year-old self. What would he or she want to do right now? Color? Paint? Run around outside? Play dress up? Eat with your hands? Play that instrument hiding in the back of your closet that you haven't touched in years? Just because you're a grown up doesn't mean any of this stuff will be less enjoyable than you remember it. Give yourself permission to play.

2. Speaking of little kids, if you have your own or access to any (in a non-creepy way, like they're your niece or your best friend's kid, you get the idea) go play with them! They didn't create an entire show called Kids Say The Darndest Things because kids aren't hilarious. They also keep things so simple, and we can really stand to be reminded of this and stop allowing ourselves to get bogged down in boring details.

3. Order a hot dog. While you're eating it, Google: "What's in a hot dog?" You decide whether or not you want to finish it.

4. This one is for the ladies: wear your sexiest lingerie under your work clothes. Your "little secret" will leave you feeling anything but boring all day!

5. Play cell phone roulette. You'll need at least one buddy for this. Scroll through the contacts in your phone, stop on a random one and call the person. Could spark an incredible catch up session. Could be incredibly awkward. Neither are boring.

6. Fill out a pack of Thank-You cards. Give them to random people who probably don't get thanked too often for doing what they do ever day. Ideas: police officers, librarians, servers, baristas, cab drivers, sanitation workers, teachers, people behind any check out counter, receptionists, your friends, the guy at the falafel stand, etc.

7. Sign up for a class in something you've "always wanted to do", or something that makes you really uncomfortable. Ideas: pole dancing, salsa lessons, improv, pottery, cooking, knitting (yup, there are classes for this, too!), karate, boxing, something techy like the workshops they run in Apple stores, get Rosetta Stone and learn that language you've always wanted to speak, etc.

8. Interview your grandparents about their life. You can bet they've had some crazy experiences you probably never knew about.

9. Get up on stage at an open mic night whether you're funny or not (and if you're not, memorize a few of your favorite jokes and tell those!)

10. Do something for someone else that you wish someone would do for you. We all have a few ideas on this list. I promise you will feel amazing after and anything but bored.

11. Start a DIY project in your home. Doesn't have to be super complicated. If you need ideas, I'm pretty sure this is what Pinterest was invented for.

12. Plan a weekend trip or an all-out vacation. This will give you something to look forward to.

13. People watch. Find a bench in a crowded area (centers of transportation like airports, bus stops and train stations are great for this!) and just observe. People are infinitely interesting.

14. Eat something you've never eaten before. Bonus points if it's a random fruit or veggie.

15. Dance. You can get your friends together for a night on the town or just pull up a video on YouTube and bust a move from your own living room. If you're feeling extra brave, you can even dance in public and get other people involved.

16. Go to YouTube and search "People falling on Segways." This is also a great quickie ab workout as you will be laughing hysterically.

17. Check out the NY Times Best Sellers lists and grab a new book you can get lost in.

18. Step away from the computer and go get some time with people you care about IRL. (That stands for In Real Life). Facebook stalking doesn't count as real social interaction. You can even share this post with your friends and vote on which one you'd like to do together!

19. Check out a museum you've never been to before. OK, depending on your interests, this one might actually be boring. If you love learning, art or different cultures though, this one is for you!

20. Leave your fly down intentionally all day. See how many people notice.

Dear Friend,

Boredom comes because you are somewhere else.

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