How to make the gym a habit

Well frankly I started working out because I was madly in love with a girl, whose boyfriend had a 6 pack, and I thought if I wanted to win her I need to be someone! She was my motivation at the start. The problem here is you'll be all pumped up, but one day when you won't feel the same for her, you'll give up. Generally people who start working out and get a decent body eventually end up at gym because they know the hardwork and pains it took them to get there.

There was a time when I got so busy with life that I had no time for gym and I gained some weight. So I started running for half an hour and came directly to gym. Sat down for 15-20 mins, took rest and went to gym. I could easily go back to home instead of gym, but I sat and saw few videos:

How to study smarter and not harder

Interestingly, I have tackled similar questions like yours on Quora.So, this is my quick recap:It   is sad that students of today are  still stuck with the notion that   studying hard - by putting in a lot of  hours into the pursuit - is the   way to go in attaining academic mastery.They

What are the top 10 martial arts?

Below are some top martial arts :Muay Thai : Muay Thai is national sport of Thailand. This is more brutal form of martial art as fighters are allowed to use elbows and knees too that make this style more lethal.Brajilian Juijutsu: This kind

I am very thin, want to build a decent body, what should I do?

Hi,Skinny and being thin may also be the effect of metabolism and other medical conditions. As adviced by the other well wishers here, I would suggest you to first go online and find out more about yourself i.e. you need to