How to mentally motivate myself to work out

I was in the Navy for 14 years and only worked out every 6 months as required by the physical readiness test. Then I did a deployment to Iraq for all of 2010. I was getting healthy in many aspects of my life and wanted to start working out. I made a commitment to go to the gym every day until I actually enjoyed it. After a week and a half the soreness subsided and that was a great motivator to continue. By day 40, I was to the point of going without thinking about it. A new habit is generally formed after doing something repeatedly for 30–45 days. Soon, I had to force myself to take days off from the gym as results were being seen and I truly enjoy working out now. Commit to 45 days of working out. Get past the soreness window and push on. You'll love it.

Are kegel exercises harmful, particularly to the prostate?

Kegel exercises if performed correctly and following medical advice should not impact on the prostate.Often kegel exercises are recommended prior to surgery (if undergoing surgery to remove the prostate gland as with prostate cancer). Performing kegel exercises prior to surgery helps

What characteristics do you think successful people have that make them succeed?

I got a chance to meet the biggest Jeweller of India - Mr. Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Director of Kalyan Jewellers. He is generally accompanied by a fleet but that time he was walking alone.I approached him and requested him to visit

What are effective exercises for ab toning?

The best body weight ab exercises are plank variations (low, high, side, front, pulses, hold, etc.), seated Russian twists, in/out abs, bicycles, leg raises, reverse crunches, etc. For some of my favorite ab toning workouts you can check out these two:4 min ab burn with four of the exercises I described above: