How to motivate myself to get up early and exercise

Motivation that comes from external resources wont last long, so you have to be willing to change your mindset to achieve your goals.

Write it down

Write all your fitness goals on a piece of paper. Do not use a smartphone for this. This will help to register your goals better in your brain at a deeper level and your thinking slows down. So you will concentrate. Do it to feel what Im saying.

Get a mentor/coach

Hire a personal trainer. Having a coach will create a discipline in us which we wont have enough if we are on our own.

Tell everyone

Yes, tell your fitness goals to everyone. Family, Friends, your boss. Carry your protein shakes to the office. Make everyone know you are on a diet regimen. Tell your friends not to call you for parties (for few days). They will understand. If they don't, time to change your friends. I am not advising you to not to go out anymore. But restrain for a while.

Mind fuck

This is the most important part. Shake off the present. Invent a story. Think of yourself as an actor losing weight for a role, an athlete recovering from an injury, an underdog training to win against a reigning champion... whatever gets you moving early in the morning.

Take a cold shower, splash cold water on your face, listen to up beat music, hang posters that motivate you, change them now and then because motivation that comes from external sources dies down quickly.

Once you've established a routine, you no longer need those external sources. You will automatically get up, work out.

Hope that helps.

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