How to motivate myself to not give up

You want to motivate yourself You want to do something in life that can make you and your family proud and you are ready to completely dedicate yourself to your work ...!!

Welcome to the 1% club of people who want to get success on their own.

Now let me tell you a secret

"Our life is like a game of cricket where you are a batsman on strike there is no way you can get OUT because there are no wickets,no fielders,no umpires nothing. Life will act as a BOWLER here bowling "OPPORTUNITIES " When you are facing your first bowl(OPPORTUNITY) you might not be able to hit a good shot,doesnt matter life will again bowl this time again you missed it too... let it be Life will again bowl a new one this time you were able to hit it but not in a perfect way but still somehow you managed to put some bat in it,life will again bowl a new delivery and you may miss this time too.... Doesnt matter DONT GIVE UP in this game of cricket (LIFE) you will not get out until you are willing to face the bowler.

life will throw new opportunities every now and then its upto you that whether you are willing enough to face them or not .You are not going to get OUT until you havenot left the field.

after missing hundreds of balls(OPPORTUNITIES) you would definitely be able to hit the ball now,You are a player now,now you are not afraid of anything you have transformed yourself into a player who can hit shots in all balls".

You can only win in this life if you are willing enough to face the balls and not leave the field until and unless you have got everything you want.

Just believe in yourself that you can do anything you want in life. GIVING UP would only lead you to REGRET and i am telling you THE PAIN OF REGRET IS UNBEARABLE

and just remember







Good Luck ....!!

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