How to motivate someone to get fit

If you want to motivate others to stay fit you need to do the following:

1. You first need to take an honest look at yourself. How fit are you? Could you be fitter? What do you do to stay fit? Where do you find your motivation to stay fit? It is unrealistic to expect to be able to motivate anyone to stay fit if you are unable to motivate yourself to stay fit. If you are not 100% satisfied with your own fitness then you should not be trying to help others get to the point where they are satisfied with their fitness. You need to work on yourself before you work on others. You need to be an example of what you expect of others. This will also help because if you get to the point where you are satisfied with your own fitness then you can use your fitness story as a testimony to motivate others.

2. Learn how to be compassionate but firm. Nowadays speaking about weight and fitness can be a touchy subject for some. Even those that want to get fit can still get embarrassed if you speak too bluntly about their body and/or progress. Try be compassionate. Make sure that you put yourself in their shoes before you give any feedback of any kind. However, make sure that you do not sugar coat anything. You need to be compassionate but firm. You still need to hold them accountable and help push them towards their goals. The balance is difficult but must be learnt if you want to be a successful fitness coach.

3. Keep in contact. Fitness takes time to improve. You need to be there for whoever you are helping motivate. Often people working on their fitness fall of the wagon after a few days. If you want to motivate someone to get fit then make sure that you are constantly checking up on them. Phone them regularly to hear a progress report and make sure you are there to workout with them at least once a week in order to properly track their progress.

By doing these things you should be able to motivate others to stay fit effectively. If you want more advice on keeping fit then make sure you read "The Perfect Coach" by Steve Williams.

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