How to persuade my parents to let me marry a girl of my choice

If it is an arranged marriage, you have to convince them as arranged marriages doesn't happens without parents.  If it is a love marriage and you want to convince your parents then you have to do some hard work.

Try convincing them by highlighting the strong points of the prospective bride.  Tell them why you feel that she will be the correct person to marry.

For your marriage sake, just for some time become a marketing professional and dig out the strong plus points of that girl and highlight them.  Give some time and if your choice is correct they will surely accept your choice.

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Should I buy a fitness band?

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How to start gym exercise in summer

Get a workout plan online for free, Follow it.Get a meal plan online for free, Follow it.Do your homework, take it seriously, have a binder with your workouts and meals. Set goals and achieve them.You will see results and become addicted if you stick with it.