How to politely tell someone what they are wearing doesn't look good on them without hurting their feelings

You don't. This is your problem, so deal with it, no need to involve the other person. This person is "disagreeing" with one or more of your values, and you're upset with them. Why is it their problem?

"Deal with it" means getting to grips with your motivation for assaulting another person with your judgement(s). Lack of acceptance, superiority, need to e right? It won't be pretty.

How long does it take to lose weight, if I walk for 1 hour or 2 hours every evening and do crunches?

The best way to create weight loss & sustain is through combination of diet control & exercise including yoga. Use of proper & balanced diet in controlled quantity brings an impact of 70 - 80 % weight loss where as enhancing your activity level by doing morning walk, or any form of exercise of your choice & convenience,

How to burn fat without cardio

Losing weight without exercising isn't hard, the are some basics you should know:Metabolism and body types:Have you heard someone who said:

My front delts seem to be underdeveloped although I did 3-4 workouts that focus on them once a week, combining with other workouts for shoulders. Which exercises should I do and how much should I do?

Focus on Military press exercises and dont work them out that much. 1-2 times a week is fine. Really put them under some weight if you're trying to build size. Drop reps to 6-8 and go heavier with twice a month 1 rep max days. Military press - either dumbbell or