How to reduce my body fat to 12%

Losing weight in a short time you can just follow these simple tips that go it from physical activity until real tricks to avoid binge inappropriately.

Arm yourself with cunning , then, and also perseverance, you will see that look great in a few months to test suit !

1. Move more: lose weight fast with exercise

The first trick to lose weight quickly is to increase exercise and move more. The ideal would devote himself constantly to one of these sports , the most suitable for rapid weight loss.

If you do not have much time to practice a sport, ask yourself the goal of fast walking or go running at least half an hour a day: give a nice wake up your metabolism and burn lots of fat! It might be useful to use a pedometer to help you track the number of calories burned and entice you to do more exercise.

Lose weight fast with exercise is not as difficult as it sounds: you just climb the stairs every dayinstead of taking the elevator, or dedicate more time to housewives cleaning . The housework can make you lose up to 200 calories in an hour! When it is said, two birds with one stone.

In general, a trick to lose weight quickly is to walk, if possible, every hour for 10 minutes. Physical inactivity hurts and two steps occasionally help dispose the faster the food ingested.

2. Do not skip meals! Fasting does not help to lose weight quickly ...

Contrary to what you may believe, fasting or skipping meals does not help at all to lose weight fast, indeed! It is a practice counter-productive, useful only to slow down the metabolism and remove your energies.

Never skip a meal, from breakfast , which must be the most abundant of the day. It's always the trick: breakfast from queens, princesses lunch and dinner poor. If you start your day with a hearty breakfast, you'll have the energy you need for the day and all the time you need to burn calories.

3. Be regular at the table

Respect meal times is one of the most effective tricks to lose weight fast. Remember that meals of the day must be three: breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are able to avoid snacking between meals , it will be easier to lose weight faster.

However, if you really do not see the hunger between meals and the other, preferred low calorie snacks and nutritious as fresh fruit or a yogurt, avoiding cookies, chocolate bars and snacks.

Finally, try to not ever have dinner after 20 hours : this simple trick will help you lose weight faster because you will have the time, before going to bed, to move and consume calories.

4. Review your eating habits

Improper diet or disordered is the first reason I put on weight. To lose weight fast, you will need to review their habits and follow some simple tips :

1. Eliminate strictly from your diet (and your pantry) all fatty foods: If you do not have them at home, you will not be tempted to eat them! Please avoid buying.

2. Say no to cheese, fried foods, sweets (especially industrial), meats and canned foods.

3. Limit your intake of carbohydrates (without eliminate them altogether) and prefer the fish and lean meat.

4. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables: raw, cooked in soup ... will not be enough! It is the most genuine and low-fat food that you can consume.

5. Ok also fruit, but with more restraint and possibly as a snack between meals. A great trick-crushing hunger is always having a beautiful apple in exchange for sudden attacks.

6. Add pepper or parsley on your dishes will help you digest faster: pepper has a fat-burning effect while the parsley helps against water retention and is a great way to quickly sgonfiarvi.

7. Avoid as much as possible, finally eating out and take the healthy habit to prepare a nice schiscetta to go to work. This way you can control calories of what you ingest and keep your line in check.

For all steps go here: How to lose weight, simple steps and more

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