How to reduce thigh fat without taking medicine

First thing is spot reduction of fat is not possible. If you want to reduce fat you can follow this

  1. In the daily morning drink warm water with lemon and honey
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Avoid high carbs food and junk food
  4. Increase protein intake that is 1gm per pound of your body weight.
  5. Do cardio and other workout. Cardio exercise with empty stomach but you can take energy drinks and juice before cardio.

Within a month you will start seeing results.

Is it plausible to return to game action a week after shoulder dislocation?

Is it plausible to return to game action a week after shoulder dislocation?Depends on the game, how bad the dislocation was and what treatment was necessary. If the game is chess, then sure, go for it. If the game is basketball, it's a really bad idea. If the game is tennis and

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Why isn't muscle gain strength due to passive contraction?

Muscle and tendons have satellite cells and receptors throughout that respond to disruption of the local environment. To create disruption, you need to elicit some type of stress on a tissue. By contracting a muscle passively, you're creating tension against zero resistance, which means the environment does not change. All you're