How to refresh my life

I like to say, "May I talk to the person over there who is in charge of this?"
Not quite, "Take me to your leader" -- but you get the point.

Either you know what I am talking about, there is someone over there, some part of you where these decisions are made, and you need to "break into the wheel house". and assert command over your vessel.

Or, you do not. And are unwilling to exert that kind of control direction authority, autonomy, choice, will, focus... over your life, feel like it really IS better if some other part that you do NOT have control over runs your life, i.e. it's hopeless. But anything is better than "Me?" --  You want ME to be in charge of this whole ship? But, but... you've GOT to be Kidding!!"  (At which point you list out all the reasons you are unqualified to rise to this level of responsibility.)

But guess what? This IS your life. You ARE the person in charge. You can give it away, delegate it out, and most people do. But -- fact still remains.

It can FEEL like your life is out of control, that there is nothing you can do about anything... BUT -- You CAN do somethings. (Can you lift your right hand? Can you shift your eyes to the Left? That alone is enough to run a life, albeit slowly, lower bandwidth. with these new hyper-links, wired directly into the brain of physically damaged people. You've seen the inspirational videos of the guy who has no legs, no arms, but still gets around and gives these "Hey, if I can do it, how much easier is it for YOU to do it?" speeches?

You can spend a LOT of your life focused on what you can't do, on "proving" that life s stacked against you, that 'it" is not worth it, that so much is outside your control...

If you are looking for evidence of ANYTHING -- you will find it.
So start looking for ways you can improve, refresh your life.

"Move in the direction of your dreams and you will find a success unexpected in common hours."   --Thoreau

Life is not what you want? Not meeting Your Design Specs. Okay, Take charge. Choose a way, a path, a direction.
Got the analysis paralysis? Can't choose?
At some point it really does not matter where you start.
("All roads lead to home.")
If you really do not care where you end up, any path will take you there.

And if you learn later it is different, no problem in doing LOTS of mid-course corrections.
Count on it, even.
Program it in.
NASA does, expects it is going to be off by some margin, from the original launch.

But get in the air, try it out, run the experiment, gather some data.

It is both the hardest work you will ever do, (carving YOUR life out of the block of potential each of us is given.)
And it is the most satisfying.
And the rewards just keep on coming!

As the book, A.C.I.M. says, This work is not really elective.
WHEN you do the work, that part is up to you.  Do it now, do it later...
But everyone HAS to go through this "Writing your own software. Run it. Test it.  Check it out. See if it is more or less satisfying for what YOU want. Repeat..." thing.

Good luck!

First, choose to be happy. Here is how. Look outside yourself. In small ways, make others happy. Always have a happy word for people you meet. Start with your own family. Do you want to see a miracle? Tell your mom and dad the following: "I don't always act like it, but I really appreciate everything you guys do for me," and walk away.

Tell your teachers you think they are doing a good job. Your B- will somehow become a B+. Act as if you care in class. Ask the teacher if you could sit closer to the front.

What goes around DOES come around; so many religions and philosophies ascribe to this adage.

Whether you believe or not, get down on your knees at night and thank God for your life. Ask Him to help you make other people happier.

PEACE be with you.

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