How to relieve college stress

I'm reaching the end of my degree and believe me when I say the vast majority will also feel the way you do.

You went in thinking that you would love the degree you chose and then in comes the flood of related but mind numbingly boring content you have to study along with it. "Fraud" is quite a funny term since I believe that everyone studying has some kind of "Fraudster" in them. Not everyone can love everything about their degree. There may be something that you still love about the degree that you could specialise in, in the future but for now, you've got to buckle down and do what needs to be done!

Just wanting to get a degree, or in your case it could  be just ending the stress, is perfectly normal, plenty of students around me (including myself) think or have thought this at some stage. It just means you've found out one more thing about yourself in this life.

For stress relieval, take up a sport or some other past time. Sport allows me to channel my stress into throwing my limbs around which is pretty relieving! Talk to friends or make some new ones!
Don't give up, everyone reaches a stage like this, solider on!
Did the ancient Chinese consider India inferior?

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I am going to start seeing a personal trainer this summer, the main goal being muscle gain. About how long should I see him before moving on to working out on my own?

I'd say once or twice. Seriously.Have a trainer provide you with a workout plan and show you the basics of the exercises. Then pay him/her, thank him/her and save your money.I never had a trainer, ever, my whole life. And when I became a trainer, I