How to remove any fear or worry in life

Keep telling yourself that       you can do it.    
Think about the good sides       of it. Think how happy you would be after facing       it.         

        Do not avoid the problem. Always face it. Once you see the         problem and find a solution, everything will become less         scary.       

      I used to be very scared of doing everything basically and       now I'm the one who always wants to do the silliest and       scariest stuff. My parents say it was because I grew out if       it somehow but nobody knows the hard work that went into       making myself almost fearless.     

      Plus if it's exam fear you have then always prepare first.       You may not have prepared much earlier but if you had studied       to remember then your brain will make it easier for you.       Also, don't freak out. Tell yourself that now is the time to       study, freaking out can be done later when I score amazing       marks.     

      And if it's social situations then let me tell you that I'm       still kind of afraid of those. Way better than before because       of all the 'telling myself I can do it' but still needs more       work. (Going to a new place with someone your comfortable       with can also make facing the whole situation easier)     

      So you see it's a slow process, but you'll surely see the       difference.     

      Oh and do stuff that you are good at. Once your self       confidence is boosted you'll automatically feel better. Being       completely prepared for a presentation/exam, knowing       everything about what you're about to do, even the tiniest       things can boost your confidence and make you feel       invincible.     

      And please please keep talking to yourself. People laugh when       I advise them to do this but trust me! It works like magic.       Our brain has two parts, the wild one and the oldie. Your       fear is because of the oldie that doesn't want to do anything       basically because it's scared. Whereas the wild one is the       stupid one who wants to do all the scary stuff and even       though you must let the Oldie make most of the sensible       decisions, sometimes you should let the wild one take       control.    

      P.S: if you think something is too stupid that it might       seriously hurt people cause it's not supervised and basically       life threatening, don't do it. And if your peers make fun of       you, tell them out loud that you'd better live and do the fun       stuff then die or injure yourself and not ever do the fun       stuff anymore. You must have enough will power to not give in       to peer pressure.     

      I hope I helped. Really hope to see you come over your fears.       (A little bit of nervousness is good, it keeps you aware of       your surroundings)
In my perspective,maybe you just need to be aware that you can never diminish fear. Nobody is capable. What's necessary for you to do is knowing that fear and worry is not always harmful and learning to stay in harmony with it.
To start with,why do we feel fearful? As a living creature just like any other animal species on the planet,we feel fear when we're in danger of being hurt or losing something. It's very normal, it warns us that enough attention should be paid in this certain situation and proper reaction is also needed to deal with this faced problem. Without fear we won't take actions fast enough in danger. Some people even accomplish amazing things beyond their limits with the fear fueling them. So fear is not really a bad thing. Your emotions come out for a reason.
Therefore, when you feel fearful, don't panic at the fact that you're fearful. Accept it. Regard it as a friend coming to accompany you when you're in an urgent situation. Don't try to exterminate it,just stay calm with it. You know what? When we have fear it doesn't mean that we're going to ruin everything we do. We can do a good job even when we panic.
For example,every time I go to speak in front of a group of people I panic just as the first time. But I know It's normal. It's common. My body is using this method to inform me that I need to get streesed enough to deal with this situation. So even my hands and legs still shake when I give a speech, as long as I don't work hard to repel it,it really won't trouble me much.
So the problem is not that you have fears. The problem is that you have fears and you hate them and want to repulse them. Emotions are just emotions. They happen for a reason. Next time say to it: 'hi I know you're here again but I'll still do what I need to do', then concentrate on your job.
What's more, when you're fully concentrate on now, you will get too occupied to worry about other things.

Worrying about a future that will never happen comes from negative past experience.

If we have many negative experiences in one area then we tend to "predict" that we will have that same experience again. Its caused by our RAS (reticular activating system) in the brain.

If you eat red berries and almost die from it, then your brain makes a trauma related defence system to prevent you from killing yourself from doing it again. RAS says "never eat red berries". This is a crude way so stop almost getting killed by berries.

However this short term defence system ignores all other good berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries) in favour of survival.

You can see this with many people who got food poisoning from fish. They say things like "I just dont like fish". Its an automatic subconscious system.

So to stop worrying about X you need to push through your resistance and fear over the thing your are trying to do. Push through it enough times and the automatic fear response will diminish till its gone.

I created a video about how to overcome your fear of women and dating.

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Short answer: You can't.

Longer answer: You can change how fear and worry affect you. Use them. If you are afraid, use your fears to be more prepared for what you're facing. Are you deathly afraid of public speaking? Well, use your fear... practice your speech more in front of a mirror. Memorize it so you don't blank out and forget what to say. Dress nicely. Prepare more when you're afraid is the point.

Are you worried? Is there anything you can do that would solve or lessen the problem? No? Okay... then either stop worrying (which is way harder than it sounds) or develop contingency plans/strategies. "If this (bad thing) happens, I will do this (action) so that it won't be so bad."

You can't remove those things from your life entirely. They have a purpose. Fear and worry are like personal alarms that tell you that something is or may go wrong. Use them to prepare yourself as best you can and don't let them cripple you or prevent you from acting to help yourself. Be warned though, panicked and poorly thought out actions don't usually help. If you're afraid in a non-emergency situation, calm yourself the best you can and methodically plan. If you're worried, same thing.

All people fear from different to different things but some people won the our fear. Those people make a great personality If we control our fear so you awake confidence interim and you give best performance front of your fear.

I know sometimes we are fell in our performance that's not mean we are failure person. we should understand our quality.

If we are understand that i am best in this field then not prevent in anybody. we can do it. so first control your fear and forward your target.

All people in one quality just we can't understand this.

This understand only hard work is success of key in any field.

Most important is control your heart and do it.

Worry is the worst use of your imagination.  YOU create all of the worries in your life.  So just as you have the power to create worry, you have the power to stop it.
Fears are a little different than worry because real fear is the emotion created by something that endangers you. 
Fake fear is not fear but just worry, with another name.  So if there are real fears such as someone or something threatening your life, you can take real steps to avoid this.
If it is fake fear (something you invent in your head) then you can choose to stop doing that.
It's all up to you.
Removing fear from your life is a scary thought in itself. It is fear that keeps us grounded and out of harms way, so you wouldn't want to remove it completely. However, if there are certain aspects of your life that are being crippled by fear, why not try meditation? By meditating you will have the opportunity to see things at a slower speed, which will give you time to assess your fears and help you cope with them in a rational way.
You don't remove fear from your life. Having a certain amount of fear is what keeps you safe. When you become afraid of inconsequential things, then that is a problem. Most people fear speaking to a large crowd. If you are able to say something to one person, you can say the same thing to many people: it makes no difference. As long as you know where to find an answer to a question you can always pass on that information. You become so competent at everything you do so that nothing scares you. Fear of not having enough money is common, but worrying about it is self defeating.
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