How to replace fear with curiosity

Well fear has it's place, to replace it with curiosity is to put your head in a crocodiles mouth due to lack of fear and just get it bit off due to curiosty. Fear protects you, causes you to pause, and think, too much fear can make you react irrationally, too little fear can allow you to do irrational, very stupid and risky things.

Curiosity can make you ignore fear, logic, or common sense if strong enough. What one should do is to get better control of their emotions and basic instincts, become more aware, knowledgeable and understand why you feel as you do, if there is good reason or no reason and use logic or reason to control your emotions. Listen, see, smell, process what your senses and experiences and logic tells you, react accordingly.

I fear little, though I rarely jump into things, I observe, I accumulate information, try to consider all variables and use ration, logic and common sense to make a decision. I take little time though and have accepted that there are times when too much thought is no fun, and hinders my physical tolerances and limitations.

Sometimes I just do not think and jump, allowing my body, my reactions, my natural and learned abilities to take charge. I just accept what comes and learn, test my limits, force my mind and body to adapt, I find that I like adrenaline, it allows me to perform at my best without limitation, mentally, physically and emotionally. Some do not like adrenaline, some do, if you have fear, use it, adrenaline usually bypasses fear, but curiosty needs control too, common sense.

how does this apply? For one if its fear of talking to someone just remember that everyone puts their pants on the same way. However if it's fear of heights or something I think it's always good to respect that fear and possibly not replace it but explore just a bit maybe. For instance get a ladder out and put up some lights or clean the gutters or something to that nature. Nothing really too dangerous of course. Don't do that unless it's safe of course. Be careful and don't do anything actually stupid. Like if you have a fear of snakes and go jump in with rattle snakes, probably not the brightest thing to do there. Respect your fears because there is always a reason to have them. Unless it's a strange one like fearing clothes or something then you have to wear clothes! Lol!

Oddly enough, curiosity is one of the antidotes to fear. When you are afraid, act curious instead. Find out what frightens you and why. Look at the externals, but also the internals-your own makeup, that is. If you let your curiosity dominate your reaction, you will get a lot of information. You'll understand your feelings and you'll be able to make rational choices about what to do.

Depends what kind of fear you have. I suggest self hypnosis in various sessions that might lessen that fear. I suggest Burt Goldman's video on training people how to overcome fears with the anchoring technique.

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