How to resolve conflict between my wife and parents

First be fair to both of them, Both your parents and your wife need you as son and husband respectively. Though many may not agree but, we are sensible humans, so 2 things a to be considered
1. Parents today and are in need you as much as you needed them when you were young (In terms of emotionally, physically). If Parents were/are responsible for your upbringing and have done their good in parenting, its now your responsibility to support them.
2. Your wife has married you, loves you, trusted you, respects you, be there for her too. Stand by her protect her.

Conflicts are every where but once in family, you can't just walk out. Beliefs and thinking of Parents will be different from your family as she come from different homes and upbringing and culture.
MOST IMP: Listen to both sides unbiased. Then you take call and talk to the person thats the only solution. In the process you have to be very calm and patience.

I have come across few common conflicts, 1st wife does not at all want any word or interference in any matter, be it how to take care of kids, what to cook etc. basically every thing is her personal business/matter and other specially in-laws its not their business.
Some times its reverse, parents are too much interfering in every matter and try and impose their beliefs and thinking.
Just evaluate the situation and unbiasedly and fairly try and draw lines. Talk to both of them.

It mostly gets better if as the time passes they know each other more and more.
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