How to save money? What's a best way of saving if you don't make good money

First, download a personal finance management app like MoneyStream or Mint. Use it to analyze your spending behavior over the last few months.

Knowing your shopping and spending habits, you'll be able to get the best deal on a checking account. (If you already have an account, even a "free" account, but you're paying fees and charges each month, it's worth shopping around for a better deal. Those fees can add up to $300 per year!) You'll want to shop around a bit, as checking and savings accounts are more expensive (in terms of charges and fees) if you have less money.

If you can find a credit union near you that's partners with Kasasa (an online banking service that offers 4% interest on checking accounts with no monthly minimum, as long as you use the debit card 9 times per month), that's worth looking into. There aren't a lot of checking (or savings, or CDs) accounts that offer that much interest -- I think the national average is something like .17%.

Next, make a budget. Like I mentioned before, a personal finance app will help you do this quickly and smartly. They're designed by experts, and will automatically tell you things like, "You're spending too much on restaurants," or, "Your Visa bill is due next week." They'll make it easy for you to keep close track of your spending -- which is important, because small fees and everyday purchases add up a lot faster than we think.

What can I take so I dont feel so sore every time I exercise?

There are several things you could to reduce the severity of muscle soreness.You most definitely need to drink lots of water after exercising for two reasons:Replenish what you've lost from sweating - and you've lost a lot more than you realize. You will lose about a pound (1/2 kg) in sweat from an

Is walking a good exercise to lose weight?

Walking burns roughly 100 calories per mile. Average walking pace is about 3 miles per hour and a very brisk pace is 4 mph. If you have about an hour per day to exercise, you might burn 350 calories per day. 350 calories is better than nothing, but a pound of fat is 3500 calories, or about 10 hours

How did India become a male dominated country?

If one look at the human evolutionary chain , one would observe the different daily life activities have been segregated between the two genders. The man is to look after the food ,fuel & shelter , and the other kind to nurture the babies & to look