How to start a food truck business in South Africa for now

I used to work in South Africa, and I wasn't optimistic about that idea.The cost and risk of this business are very high. I suggest you to choose a very innovative, exclusive, and non-competition product to sale. I have seen a very creative product when I went abroad few days ago.

What is the most devastating news you have ever received?

One was a policeman phoned and said my Dad was dead had to phone my Sister and tell her.Know where he's gone as he is a Christian so we will see him one day butmiss him.The other was a phone call from our Social Worker to say our Foster Daughter was

Have you ever seen a black person blush?

I had a crush on a boy when I was in seventh grade - let's call him Joe. Joe did not reciprocate those feelings (I knew this at the time, but I rarely ever have crushes so I wanted to ride it all the out). My friends -which included Joe-

What is that one wrong decision which changed your life?

As a Biologist my view is, we can never know in statu nascendi, what the outcome will be.The Road Not TakenBy Robert FrostIn a moment, we have many options, of which only a few or a single one appear to be known. We are