How to start a successful club in high school

Beyond the technical and practical steps in forming the club, it's important to understand the interests of your school. For a club to be successful, it should be engaging and offer value to the students involved. All clubs by definition are social and offer the benefit of meeting and building relationships with new people. Leadership skills can also be developed in clubs. Allow for members to take part in decision making when possible. What does the club seek to accomplish? What are the club goals? Is the purpose of the club clear? What do club members get out of participating in your particular club? Who will be your faculty advisor and what do they offer in terms of ideas, support or guidance for the club?

Once you have identified a purpose, have a faculty member on board and recruited some initial members. Plan to get involved in cross-promotional events at the school to bring awareness to the club, its purpose and unique benefits to its members.

Hope this spurs some thought beyond the basics of setting the club up.

Good luck!
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