How to stay fit without thinking about it much

Creating habits. For example I drink 1 litre of water when I get out of bed. This isn't something I have always done, when I made the decision I stuck with it religiously for 14days. Now it is just the norm. Small healthy habits mount up creating a healthy lifestyle.

As for exercise, try go with a partner, someone you don't want to let down by cancelling. This will keep you both motivated towards your goal of being fit. Another option is to take a class, perhaps yoga, but pay for a few lessons in advance. This will ensure you go because you won't want to waste money. By the end of the pre paid classes chances are you will have made some difference in your mental and physical self making you want to continue on the same path.
What is healthier, running for 10 minutes a day or for 15 minutes a day?

We all need at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day, so 15 minutes is better than 10, but neither are enough. Both are a good way to get started with an exercise program, however. Walk/run for 10 minutes each day for the first week. Walk/run for

Why is Planet Fitness so successful?

Planet Fitness is so successful because they give the people what they want.Businesses -before producing a good or service- do a market analysis and/or a S.W.A.T. analysis. They find out if there is a demand for what they are offering and then they

What is the main difference between string theory and m theory?

They are exactly the same ! that the all point of the duality.However they are two very different view of the same theory. (Two different ways to order the degrees of freedom). (Super) String theory are 10d theories which can be formulated by the quantization of 1 dimensional string moving in the 10D