How to stay motivated every day, every second

You can't, I know this sounds harsh but it's true.

Why we need motivation?

The answer is simple, we are doing something that we actually don't want to.

So staying motivated every day, every second is impossible.

I would say being inspired should be your aim, if you ask me.

I will tell you this by an example;

If I am writing on quora for upvotes, I would stop writing and opt out when I am not getting enough upvotes to satisfy my greed. (Upvote = Motivator)

Instead, if I am writing for sharing knowledge and helping others the number of upvote doesn't matter at all. (Writing from within)

Though it won't last forever, giving you some tips to stay motivated.

  • Reward yourself in each stage.
  • Mingle yourself only with positive people.
  • Always remind yourself of your goal.
  • Read real life success stories, many are available on quora itself.
  • Healthy mind (it needs good sleep, exercise and meditation)
  • Start enjoy whatever your do.

Be inspired, Live inspired !!

Thank you !!

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