How to stay motivated to exercise and eat right when I am busy

You are perhaps depressed because you are overweight and you are overweight because your feeling of depression weighs you down from proactively doing something to reduce your weight. The net outcome is that you your in a spiral from which you find it hard to extricate yourself.

I am sure you have tried various therapies/ fitness routines / diet plans etc. The problem is that though you are on the right track, the results take time and in the intervening period you lose focus and lapse into your wayward ways. Net result ; you are back to where you began.

My suggestions for you to attempt are as under:

  • Meet a good dietitian. Get your diet plan approved. It is worth the investment.
  • Utilize the services of a personal trainer. They will ensure you have the right exercise routines and they will ensure you complete the planned routine.
  • Paste your diet plan on your mirror, the dining area and the kitchen. This should be a constant reminder of your commitment and hopefully they should trigger bouts of guilt whenever the urge to cheat on the diet occurs.
  • Be aware that in the initial days, you will suffer from a wide variety of real and imaginary problems like aches and pains / inability to sleep well/ not having proper motions / headaches/ weakness etc. Some of it is triggered by the change in your diet and physical routine but a lot has to do with your mind playing tricks to seduce you to go back to your unhealthy ways. Do NOT fall prey to these. However where you have genuine problems do take professional help.
  • If possible get hold of a friend to partner you for your physical routine. Hopefully he/ she should motivate you or firmly push you to sticking to your routine.
  • Tell your family members to be watchdogs and immediately intervene whenever you are lapsing into the non desirable behavior like snacking on the sly etc.
  • There are two things that motivate - fear or gain. Use both these to motivate you. Fear of the consequences should trigger alarm bells and hopefully enable you to resist temptations that will derail your diet plan and exercise routine. However this has a negative energy associated. Hence you must try and focus on the gain from your efforts to boost your enthusiasm to follow the plans you have charted out. These gain could be in the form of visualizing a leaner and fitter you; a person who is able to flaunt a very fit personality; someone who is able to wear all those wonderful outfits you always wanted to etc.
  • Look for positives - your weight may not change in one month but perhaps you feel more energetic. It is possible you have managed not to indulge in sweets / fatty food for one month and that should be reason to celebrate. Someone observes that you seem to be looking fitter and that is something you need to embrace.
  • Avoid negatives - If some one compliments you, do not say I have not lost an inch of fat. It simply makes you feel modest but the message triggers alarm in your mind. Do not make the weighing scale or the mirror the little devils that try to tempt you into sinning by suggesting ‘why are you wasting your time.'

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