How to study 10+ hours a day without getting distracted

How much to study in a day


Maximum quality input cannot be more than 7-8 hours. More than this will be waste of time. You will fail to absorb and therefore feel bad that you are a dull student.


Keep all other subject books, except the one that you study, out of your sight. Avoid unnecessary mental burden. It will help you concentrate and improve efficiency.


Set practical targets for yourself. Impossible targets are depressing. If time is less and pending work is more, then the best would be to decide what to leave.


Have proper sleep and rest. You cannot add to your study hours by sleeping less.


Mark days and hours for each part of the syllabus to be covered and follow it religiously. Keep making minor adjustments.


Keep some time aside for breaks and entertainment. It will not be waste of time but will increase your output.


Morning hours are most productive. Study subjects like Math at this hour.

Study Techniques


Do not use help books straight away. At least first two readings should be from the text book.


Read with a soft pencil in hand. Mark or underline any important points. After reading a topic or a sub topic mentally review what you just read. Do not go on mechanically reading without understanding. Otherwise when you read it the second time, after a few days, you will be as blank as you were the first time and that will frustrate you and hamper your efficiency. After you are sure that you have understood what you just read, note down its summary on the page margins itself.


The summary should be such that on reading it the whole of the matter comes to your mind.


After you finish a chapter try to attempt questions based on that chapter. You will be surprised to discover how much you missed. Read again so that you are able to answer the questions properly. At this point you may consult a help book to check your answer but only after attempting the answer yourself.


Attempt all types of questions; objective, multiple choice, short answer and long answer. Take questions from previous years' papers. These are in fact the best source. If the topic has a diagram, draw a neat diagram yourself and label it and understand the process from it.


Carefully remember formulae and equations.


It has been scientifically established that one tends to forget three fourth within a week of the reading. Memory graph is a steeply downward sloping line. What should one do to overcome this? Studies also show that if you revise a matter within hours, the retention improves significantly. Ideally you should revise a topic next day and again at the weekend. Revise again in a month.

How to find time for so many revisions? Read a topic carefully twice underlining the key phrases. That is one revision. Second reading will take less time and will be more productive. Jot down a summary in page margin. It will be second revision. Solve questions based on the topic. It will be third revision. On the weekend revise just the summary or the key points. It will be fourth quick revision. Finally do a monthly revision. When it is exam time you will not panic. You would have remembered broader points. Quickly revise the whole syllabus paying special attention to some tough topics/questions/formulae/equations.

Mind Mapping

Mind remembers diagrams and colors more easily than the text and numerals. Jot down the key points in colored pens. Encircle key words in pink, blue, red, green, yellow etc. Use different thickness pens of different brands to make a different imprint in your memory. Make a group of key words of a topic together. When you read those again and again during revisions, the colorful images of the words will etch in your memory. Make diagrams of the words even when there is no diagram in the question. Your mind will easily bring them to front when you need those at the time of writing answers.

Practice, Practice and more Practice

If you find a particular subject or topic difficult, learn its easier part first. Leave out the tough part initially. If there is a tough question, read a solved example. (There are solved examples in most of the Math books. You may do it from help books too). Solve a question again and again till you feel at home. A stage may come when you will be surprised as to why did you feel it so difficult to begin with.


It is a fascinating subject. You study about atoms and molecules and their properties and behaviour even when you cannot see those even with a most powerful microscope. If those were enlarged billion times those will look like your rooms. Smaller balls revolving around bigger balls in a definite arrangement like planets revolving around Sun. By chemical reactions you create new arrangement and group of planets. There are different kind of solar systems. Those balls have definite size and weight. A chemistry student can tell the weight and behaviour of these balls even as others cannot even see those extremely tiny things. When you read chemistry next imagine doing these things.

Relax – Take 20 Deep Breaths

It has been scientifically proved that deep breathing relaxes mind, settles down fast heart beat, improves concentration, and improves efficiency. The art that began in India has now been adopted all around the World. It costs nothing. It takes very little time. Most of the students are under great stress when exams are near. So relax. Take 20 deep breaths twice a day like you take medicine. Believe me you will be surprised at the positive impact.

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