How to sync the account information of PUBG mobile with PUBG PC

um.. PUBG PC is on steam and i don't believe there's a connect with steam ID on PUBG Mobile. so unless you can port the PUBG Mobile Device data to the PUBG PC Steam data. they will stay as 2 separate and different Accounts. its probably a anti-emulator cheat step they did to move emulators as a separate entity server and not let people on pc/console with mobile cross play unless in a squad. i don't think you can sync over the Air it needs to be manually done there are people who port data from pc to android and the other way around. but i'm not familiar with it since i havn't done it myself.Good Luck

Sorry friend but it is not possible

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Do prisons monitor phone calls if you speak a relatively obscure language?

Generally speaking - yes, they do. Your language doesn't matter in this case because they ALWAYS LISTEN YOUR CALLS. Just like checking letters, anything coming into and going out of the prison is recorded and inspected. Their reason is for

How reliable are cars sold by Hertz?

These cars probably receive plenty of maintenance, but my take is that they typically have more wear and tear than most cars due to the way they are used.   An average rental car will have many different drivers (some not as good a driver as you might be), endure back

Does have the potential to attract more users than

As many said, Gmail was the most disruptive innovation Google made. Do you remember mails before Gmail? You had 2MB space, you could create folders to put your most important mail in and.. almost all. You have to empty your