How to understand the following phrase

I'm quite novice in the field of AI, as far as I understand it means that when a combinatorial explosion occurs ; that is for instance when each node is linked to other nodes intricately in a neural network the number of computations increase exponentially. Hence a step wise approach could be very inefficient in this regard.
Analogically to the last sentence when many houses are setup in various empty fields :
houses -> nodes in the network
Water supply -> time that can be allotted for each calculation (must ideally decrease if the number of computations increase for the system to be efficient)
Do correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding.
Creationism: Why do so many people not believe in religion? Why are there only a few people who doubt evolution?

Fewer people in the world (with the exception of the US, sadly) are disbelieving the Creation story/myth. This is partly because knowledge and science are providing better answers... also, even some religions are abandoning it, in light of more scientific explanations available.  The Catholic Church is

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