How to use my cell phone so I don't lose my things

I just purchased tile and it is amazing. You have one on something you don't want to lose and the app on your phone. From your phone you can ring the tile and from the item you can ring your phone. Even if on silent.

I assume you mean more than just loosing your phone...

A couple options...

  1. I would if your phone doesn't already have a notepad app, you could download one. I use Samsung Notes, but there are plenty to choose from. With it, you could create a note, and label it "stuff" or something similar. You can quickly make a quick note to remind yourself where you put an item, who has it, etc.
  2. You can use your calendar to easily note where something is. The benefit of this, is it's date based, so Monday you put your glasses in the bedside drawer...Tuesday its next to the fridge.
  3. Another option is to text yourself with that information.

If you are referring to something completely different, ask again, and request I answer it. I'll help the best I can.

Hope this helps!

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