How to wake up earlier

I myself faced many issues because of my sleeping hours. No matter when i sleep i always wake up late.But after many trial and errors i found out a method which really works.

But before that , no habits can be formed without a strong reason. ie, if you just tell yourself ‘ i want to wake up early', that is not going to work. You need a strong reason.

In my case , i am a student and i always wake up by 9 am.But i wanted to wake up by 5 am. So i gave myself a reason to wake up early,ie " i will wake up by 5 am and if i do so i will get around 3 hours of extra study time,and also most of my competitors will not wake up that early,so i am beating them everyday right from the time i wake up" This is strong enough right?.

Your reason may vary depending upon your situation but whatever the reason is, it has to be strong . Because if you are not preparing your mind to wake up ,then you will not be consistent. Write down your reason,it will be easy for the mind to register it when you write,than just thinking about it.

Believe me,waking up early will definitely make some positive changes in your life.You will feel great about it.

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise"- BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

But how to wake up?

One simple step, download an app called ALARMY. it is available in playstore and istore. I am not promoting this app, am just sharing my experience. Trust me, it will work.(ref pic below)

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