How do Indian parents react on inter-caste marriage?

let's take a boy named Rahul.

Rahul: Mom and dad i like a girl.

Parents: okay, who is she?

Rahul: She works with me.

Parents : we mean which cast she belongs too?

Rahul : She does not belongs to our religion.

Parents : ( in aggression )What are you talking ? she doesn't belongs to our religion ?

What will we tell our community and relatives?

Rahul: Please atleast meet her once. I lover her so much. I don't care what will people say?

Parents : What did she do you? You are not our son? We never thought you would do this with us?

Rahul : What are you saying? we love each other ? she is well educated. she understands me.

Parents : oh, you mean we don't understand you anymore.

Rahul : No, i didn't mean that. You are my parents you know me very well.

(now the most powerful weapon is used by parents which always works)

Parents : Now you have two options either she or us choose anyone?

I don't understand this thing if any celebrity do this no one shows objection. But if any middle class person does this ,he is criminal to society.

God made us,

We made religion.

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