How do Indonesians view Australians and vice-versa?

I am an Indonesian. I can say that we are trading way much lower than the potential we could create together.

As Indonesia's middle class grows, I can witness more and more of Indonesians go to Australia for tourism. Where for Australian in Indonesia, they are concentrated in Bali island.

I know that we are so different racially and politically but I am longing that someday Indonesia can have relation with Australia the way we have it with Malaysia and Singapore.

Remember, geographically speaking, we are closer together than we are to the U.S.A, Canada, or the U.K.

Our barrier is not geography, our barriers are our systems, our assumptions, and our ideals. These are things we can compromise.

To answer the question, I view Australians as our neighbors but I regret that we do not talk too much about ourselves. There are unspoken things that seems to make us do not look at each other too much.

Let's start talking

I view them positively.

To me, Australia is just like another version of America,, except they are closer to us. They're just under us!

The country is a developed, modern and progressive country. It's cities are good and have efficient public transport, and they are serious on tackling pollution. They are also liberal, protective on LGBT rights.

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