How do TV shows and movies get toddlers to act?

Having a child actor perform in a movie can be one of the trickiest things. Because they are so young and inexperienced, their folly can make or break a movie.

So how do these directors direct these youngsters to act well?

They can't.

In choosing an toddler that'll be successful on the camera is almost completely dependent on luck.

Because child labor laws severely limit the hours a very young child can work in a day, twins were needed to play the role of Michelle, the youngest Tanner. Out of the 10 sets of twins who auditioned, Mary-Kate and Ashley were the only ones who both behaved.

The Olsen twins were chosen for the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House because of sheer luck from their behavior!

What is the complete list of Naruto movies in order?

Here's the movies in order, and what episodes to watch them at:Ninja Clash in the Land of Snowbetween episodes 101-106Sakura's hair is short in the movie. She cut it during the chunin exams.The limited opportunity team 7 has to go on a mission together between the chunin exams

How to cope with continuous failure in my life

Now this may not sound like a regular answer.What I feel is that first of all you should try to compose yourself.Try to learn meditation and yoga. Get in peace with your mind and body. Try to get some professional help in the form classes or counselling. Remove the thought from your mind that you

Is Watchmen better than The Dark Knight?

In my genuine personal opinion very much so!I admire The Dark Knight and the whole trilogy very much but, the Watchmen is my favourite superhero movie, period!.The dark gritty undertones, the back ground score, the subtle reference to the batman universe in the opening credits (you can spot it if you look