How do Tesla dealerships work?

Tesla does not have any dealerships. Instead, Tesla has showrooms and service centers. The showrooms allow people to go in, look at the cars, arrange test drives, and order a car. Ordering is done via the Tesla Motors website so you can just as easily order from the showroom or from your living room. The price is the same no matter how you order. (If you order at a showroom, they'll often give you free swag like a shirt and cap.)

There's no car salesman pushing cars at you so he can make quota or get a sales commission. There's also no shady finance guy or shady manager to get approval from.

The Tesla employees there simply answer questions you might have about the car, going electric, efficiency, charging, etc.... When you decide to purchase, they'll walk you over to a computer where you can customize your Tesla and order online. No haggling. No discounts. No BS.

Tesla has no dealerships. That is, honestly, the biggest reason that buying a car from them is so pleasant.

They do have showrooms where you can look at a car and arrange a test drive. There are people there to answer your questions. But all sales are made via the web site.

What will the world be like 20 years from now?

2037:Solar power + batteries power very nearly everything.3D printers print most of what people use.Brain-machine interfaces work really well, work on building nanotechnology brain-machine interfaces is very promising, but not completely trusted yet.AR and VR mix seamlessly, and with brain-machine interfaces the experiences that

Why don't Microsoft and Apple join together?

It's impossible and it's not good for growth. Good and innovative products only take birth due to competition between Giants.

I'm 34, rich, and looking for something new. Should I become a high school teacher?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get teaching credentials through a lateral entry program in a year or less.  You could definitely get a job teaching math, physics, or computer programming.  There's a shortage of teachers in those fields.  However, here is a