How do adult cats vocally communicate?

How do adult cats vocally communicate?

Cats are all about body language.

Vocalisations are used by adult cats to communicate with humans. This behaviour is attributed to domestication of the species.

Cats communicate with one another through ear positions, scent, tail flicking, grooming, body postures and contact, and rarely through vocalisations.


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I like this question, thanks for A2A, to share my kitten story.

I think they can gain and distinguish the information through their voice. I have two cats, the little one named "Sushi" just like a pig:), i mean she loves eating. They always play together, sleeping hold together, also sometimes bite with each other, but I never seen them meow at each other.

One day, my little cat Sushi was playing with her favorite cotton swabs (i don't know why, she is very enthusiastic with the my making up swabs, maybe dues to she's a girl ? lol), and the older cat was just lying on my bed with eyes closed. Their lunching time was coming, I took out a tuna can as their lunch, Sushi saw that and began to meow meow at me. Hadn't had time to open the can, so there was no any smell. and my older cat was keeping eyes closed before, so he didn't see anything. What surprised my was that he suddenly opened his eyes, fast run into me and waited for the can while he listened his sister's meow meow voice! so he knew i was gonna to open a tuna can only through hearing his sister's meow meow voice! he got the accurate information!

Domestic cats are semi-wild predators, and solitary by nature (unlike canines and lions, who work in social groups to hunt and kill their prey).

They don't need to communicate with each other unless they are fighting for territory or mating opportunities. Mother cats and kittens communicate their location or needs by meowing or making other sounds.

On a day to day basis, most grown cats don't "talk" to each other at all. They are solitary predators, so they usually keep quiet so as to not alert any possible prey of their presence.

Have you ever heard a Cat Chirp?

Chirps and trills are how a mother cat tells their kittens to follow them.

If it is directed to you, it probably means your cat wants you to follow them, usually to their food bowl. If you have more than one cat, you will probably often hear them converse with each other using this method. Purring is a sign of contentment (usually).

Cats do plenty of hissing, growling, and the open-mouth spitting hiss when confronted with other adult cats. My cat reserves hissing for when I bring him to be boarded, and he sees other cats in the Plexiglas cubicles. He meows, chirps, and purrs for me. Hissing is strictly for other cats, and maybe the vet that just stuck him with a needle.

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