How do home Linux users benefit from enterprise Linux distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

I have started this answer three times now. I am trying to think of a way that home users might benefit from an "Enterprise" version of Linux. The things that differentiate the Enterprise and the non_Enterprise version depends a lot on which distribution you use.

You have singled out Red Hat though so I will focus there and when I do, I can not honestly say that there enough advantages to make it a viable option.

The Enterprise versions tend to be way behind what is current, slow to update and lacking in up to date packages; often having a limited set of packages from which to choose. They also cost money* even when you don't have the option to request support when you have a problem.

I am going to go out on a limb and make an assumption that I have not validated but I believe to be true. Most home users choose Linux because they are tired of paying for proprietary software over and over again. They want a quality, free to use operating system with quality, free to use software. They are not "enterprises" that need all the rigor that goes into an enterprise version and they certainly do not want the cost associated with it.

I have spoken broadly for a group based on my experience but other opinions I am certain abound.

*Redhat charges for Enterprise editions. You can get the exact same software from CentOS without the price tag.

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