How do inmates charge up smuggled cell phones? Do prison cells usually have electrical outlets?

USP Atlanta, FCI Yazoo City and FCC Coleman had outlets in cells. When I was at Yazoo they were especially needed because it was a punitive prison in the Fed system and the warden did not allow microwaves to be placed in the units as it was in all other prisons.

We had hot water dispensers, 2 per side for 150 guys and 90% of the time only 1 worked. It was a waste of time so guys made stingers using electrical wire and a piece of metal sauntered to two ends and a plug to the other two. Because some guys had to have breathing machines at night which had to be plugged in the prison was required to have power run into all cells.  I never understood why the warden saw no microwaves as a punishment because it wreaked havoc on the prison with guys stealing anything they could o make a stinger.

Stingers were banned but usually if you have the CO a bowl of food when you cooked he would overlook unless he was an ass.

Guys who were caught with cell phones disappeared. They were charged with all kinds of shots, put on Diesel therapy and landed in a higher security joint than they started in with a lot of extra time. It was serious for several reason but the primary being the only way the ph got in was it was smuggled in by a CO or staff member. They will unleash all possible forms of punishment in order to learn where it came from.

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