How do international travellers feel when they visit Canada?

A lot of people who come to Canada come because of the great outdoors. If you're inclined to go somewhere over an ocean to visit a relatively expensive country to travel in, you are likely to be a serious outdoors enthusiast. And, in spite of the costs of time and money for the majority of people who visit they aren't disappointed if they visit for that reason. It's worth it.

I've worked in hotels for many years and have had an opportunity to get a feel for the type of tourists Canada gets. A lot of Germans come to Canada to see the outdoors. A lot of people come from East Asia as well to see the changing of the colours in the Autumn. I've seen people come from Brazil to Ottawa in February to experience winter and see snow.

Canada is a landscape painting across a canvas that is over 9.985 million square kilometres in size.

I've also had the opportunity to drive (or be driven) from Ottawa to the interior Of British Columbia and back over 10 times. From the forests of the Canadian Shield and the Great Lakes across the prairies and then over the Rockies into a really beautiful (in my opinion the most beautiful) province in British Columbia.

It's fucking spectacular.

Lakes that are practically inland oceans. Rolling forested hills. The huge skies and simplicity of the prairies. An ocean of grain 1500 kms across. I like the prairies for what they lack. A prairie sunset is as beautiful a thing to witness in the great outdoors, or more, than any sunset I've seen over the Andaman Sea or anywhere else in the world. I've shopped around. The space of it all is, what I think, attracted the European who migrated here and that attracts the Germans I've mentioned above to the western prairies and the foothills of the Rockies.

Real mountains. The Chinese call them snow mountains due to the glaciers at the top. These are not hills. They are a blue line of stone and forest and snow that begins faaar away on the horizon that grows bigger and bigger until, almost imperceptibly, you are in the mountains and looking back at the flat horizon of the prairies. It's a landscape photographers dream in the area around Lethbridge Alberta.

Visitors who come here to see nature and the great outdoors tend to love it. We're spoiled on it.

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