How do people actually think vaccines are bad?

What does vaccines are bad mean?

I think that people are worried about potential side-effects of individual vaccines, vaccination in general or of the vaccine schedule as whole.

Vaccines,like most medical treatments have benefits but they can also have serious side-effects in some cases.

Medical science isn't the most honest and unbiased in general and the manufacturers of vaccines aren't saints.

It's not the rule but serious adverse reactions to vaccines can happen and sometimes vaccines can harm or even kill people and the government will compensate the families, not always though.

Parents are worried about infectious diseases and this concern is justified but some of them also worry about side-effects of pharmaceutical products which is understandable.


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One of my friends got shots for shingles. Shingles vaccine at that time was about 50% effective. He got shingles. He says he got shingles because he had the vaccine.

Correlation does not prove causation, but this friend of mine doesn't know that. He is so sure he is right that even if some great authority told him that, he would still stick to his original narrative. It's too good a story not to be true.

How do people actually think vaccines are bad?

Because people are stupid. They will dig around and look for any incident that might support their ridiculous notions, and then they say, "Look at what this says." You can find anything on the internet if you look long enough, and a great deal of it is tripe.

Without vaccines, a good many of your family, friends and others would be dead. Chance are, you wouldn't even be born. Your family would have been wiped out by some plague by now. With vaccines, we've got a fighting chance, healthwise, to survive.

Remember, people are stupid. You can't fix stupid.

I recently read this article on the flu vaccine. You may find it enlightening.

We Never Got Flu Shots. Then the Flu Almost Killed My Husband

Because of a study that found a link between autism and vaccines. The original study has long since been discredited. There was strong evidence it was falsified. But it started a train and the train hasn't stopped.

You can read more on the history of vaccines in relation to autism, this is one of many pages on it.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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