How do people hack e-mail accounts?

Leveraging the fact that people who own the hacked accounts are reckless, irresponsible and/or don't care and/or don't have a clue about the minimal set of steps to protect their online credentials, e-mail account included but not limited to; (Quora, Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other accounts included as well).

People also fall, out of ignorance or excessive confidence, victims of social engineering schemes where they inadvertently reveal information that eventually conducts the cyber-crooks to conquest their target accounts. This includes writing their id and password in post-it like papers, having extremely obvious passwords, using email and other online services in public unsafe computers, leaving their sessions open while absent from their computers, using same password everywhere... and the list goes on and on...

You name it, ignorance and recklessness are the main ones to blame...)

Is it true when you run you burn 3 times more muscle than calories?

This is not true, but there is an element of insight in it.When you run you burn energy in the form of sugar. You can measure the energy amount in terms of calories. When you run anaerobically (very fast, like a sprint), you burn only the sugar that you have recently consumed and is still

Why is PHP hated by so many developers?

There are many good reasons to hate PHP, and they run way deeper than some inconsistently named functions with misordered parameters. Learning PHP will actually transform you into a worse programmer, and writing in PHP will leave behind a mess that's a costly nightmare to maintain and clean

What are the Best Exercise Combinations for 5 Day Workout for gaining muscles and losing fat?

If you have been working out for quite sometime (intermediate state), i would suggest you to go through Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer. The workout tests your strength, endurance and will help you skulpt the ideal physique evreyone desires.Kris Gethin